Suicide and depression

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The World Health Organization singles out the problem of suicide as one of the important medical and social problems of modern society. In many countries, suicide is among the top 10 causes of death, and among adolescents and adolescents it is ranked third. Every year, about half a million people die from their own hands, and these figures are undoubtedly underestimated. Over the past decade alone , an increase in the prevalence of suicides has been noted in Russia to 45-56 cases per 100 thousand of the population per year, and in certain regions and population groups – to 90 and                      more, which is combined with a parallel increase in the frequency of depressive conditions and alcohol abuse. Depression is the cause of 70% of all suicides. Many authors agree that the high number of suicides we have is associated with inadequate treatment for depression. Depressive disorders, in turn, are one of the most common psychopathological conditions. Approximately every tenth inhabitant of the planet carries on throughout their lives depressed, and in each of the twentieth it is repeated.              

Thus, for the prevention of suicide, it is necessary to carry out early adequate diagnostic measures in order to timely identify and treat depressive disorders.  

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