Sense of anxiety

A constant sense of anxiety does not allow a person to enjoy life, the world becomes gloomy. Pessimistic mood does not leave alone. Constant voltage exhausts. Anxiety often seems unfounded, but it provokes first of all a fear of uncertainty. An unpleasant sensation is characteristic of people of any age who too often forget that anxiety is a subjective perception of the surrounding reality.

Human consciousness cannot control the nervous system. A person does not always consciously feel the imminent threat, but the nervous system perceives everything and makes it aware of the danger. In some, the warning is expressed in an increase in heart rate, in some, bowel problems begin. Subconscious fear begins to manifest itself physiologically.

The main task of feelings of anxiety is to warn of a bad future event and give an opportunity to prevent this. At its core, it is like internal intuition, only focused on the perception of extremely negative moments. However, such emotions should have their own measure, otherwise the feeling of anxiety becomes too intrusive and prevents a person from living fully. With excessive anxiety, a person will already need a specialist.

Anxiety is most affected by people with depression. Various psychological injuries also allow a person to be at risk. However, the growing development of medicine and treatment methods allows us to study the problem of anxiety more deeply and find optimal solutions to cure it. The study of anxiety showed that feeling is the result of a person’s insecurity in his future. Simply put, a person does not see what awaits him next and does not feel stability. But, alas, it is not possible to predict your future. Therefore, it is quite natural that, as a solution to the problem of excessive anxiety, one can recommend a more optimistic view of the real world. After all, the unpredictability of tomorrow is interesting and exciting. The main thing is to see in it the possibility of good changes for oneself, and not a loss of stability.

The emergence of feelings of anxiety can contribute to complex relationships in the family, and the unstable economic situation in the country, and material difficulties. Anxiety arises before the exam, performance and other situations when a person does not know what to expect. However, a person is not able to psychologically feel this feeling constantly. Some people are easy to relate to such situations and look at things easier. Thus, they manage to maintain both internal balance and a positive outlook on the world. For a person who prefers to plan everything, think ahead, uncertainty brings strong emotions, as it contradicts their internal principles. The unforeseen situation is no longer being evaluated in terms of new opportunities and prospects. Even if a new event threatens a good outcome in the future, a person will still perceive it as a disruption of his plans and a loss of stability.

A sense of anxiety does not have a clear reason, unlike a feeling of fear. Therefore, it is not easy to cope with it. However, this feeling allows a person not to stand still, to develop and strive to achieve something. Attempts to avoid any risk are either pre-failure or involve a complete rejection of any initiative. It turns out the situation is like in the famous work “The Wise Gudgeon”. But excessive emotions should not be present either. They can not only lead a person to depression, paralyze from any activity, but also serve as a reason for contacting a specialist. As the saying goes: “Everything should be in moderation.”

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