Pregnancy during schizophrenia: complications and recommendations to relatives

Pregnancy during schizophrenia

In recent years, women with schizophrenia are not afraid to have children and successfully perform the functions of mothers . This is due to the new principles of treatment and care for such patients, as well as the use of atypical antipsychotics.

It is difficult for a psychiatrist to lead such pregnant women, it is also difficult for gynecologists. There is a risk of complications for the mother and fetus, and it is caused both by the possibility of recurrence of schizophrenia, and the effect of psychotropic drugs on the fetus.

It is known that for the first fifteen years after the onset of schizophrenia, a woman leads an active social and sex life. And pregnancy does not protect and does not protect against exacerbation of the disease. A woman may refuse to take psychotropic drugs, but the risk of relapse is great.

Schizophrenia can begin during pregnancy, but such cases are rare. Most often there are personality disorders. But if schizophrenia occurs during pregnancy, then the further development of psychosis will be unfavorable. In such patients, preterm labor is more often recorded, and the child has a low body weight.

Schizophrenia can cause congenital abnormalities and perinatal mortality. Patients with schizophrenia are advised to become pregnant one year after the onset of this disease. Hormones can be a means of contraception ( depomeroxyprogesterone ), but against the background of their administration, relapses of schizophrenia or depression are possible.

Oral contraceptives can interact with nicotine and psychotropic drugs ( clonazepine ), increasing the level of their concentration in serum. The use of first-generation antipsychotics, such as haloperidol , is considered safer than taking atypical antipsychotics.

The abolition of antipsychotics in the first 6-10 weeks of pregnancy can be practiced only in patients with mild forms of schizophrenia. Antipsychotics should be used in the minimum effective dose, while controlling the level of the drug in the blood. When treated with olanzapine and clozapine, CYP 1A2 activity of cytochrome P450 decreases during pregnancy.

Hallucinations and delusions as the symptoms schizophrenia

Hallucinations and   rave   – This is one of the main signs of acute mental disorders. Wrong to call them   only signs of schizophrenia , since they can accompany and   other mental illnesses . That is why in the treatment of a patient with similar symptoms, it is imperative that a thorough medical examination   differentiated diagnosis.

But   here we   Consider these phenomena precisely in   within this disease, where they are positive ( productive) symptoms of schizophrenia. Thats   there is   picture of the disease appears   what is not   maybe u   man in   norm

Let’s start with   that hallucinations and   delirium in schizophrenia   These are signs of acute psychosis that require immediate treatment.   qualified psychiatric care . Need to remember that on   further course of the disease affects   how timely and   its acute manifestation was stopped. The faster the patient’s relatives take care of   rendering assistance, the more favorable the prognosis. A gross mistake is   what   for some reason, relatives expect that the symptoms of schizophrenia will disappear   yourself, or about   there is simply no one to take care of the patient, and   then the acute psychotic state continues to progress. Naturally in   In this case, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stop it.

Hallucinations at schizophrenia

When diagnosing schizophrenia, auditory hallucinations are most often detected when a person hears those   or other sounds or voices that are not in   objective reality. Voices most often first comment on a person’s actions, then they can begin to criticize him, threaten him, and   by   as psychosis unfolds, even ordering to commit those   or other actions. It is very dangerous, in   first of all, for the patient himself, since he   can harm itself or people surrounding it, trying, for example, to be protected from   not   existing objectively but   available in   his distorted picture of the world, danger.

Signs of hallucinations :

  • the man suddenly becomes silent, starts to to listen to anything
  • talking to myself (here, naturally not   include man’s thinking out loud or comments on   about anything he   perceives or experiences in   currently in   reality, for example, “Where   did this book disappear … “) ,
  • sudden , causeless laughter,
  • increasing closure, inability to focus on

Crazy disorder at schizophrenia

Rave   – one more of   acute signs of schizophrenia. These are certain beliefs of a person or his conclusions that are not   match what surrounds it in   reality. This is the most inconsistency of reality   – one of   The first signs that an idea, a belief are delusional. The second feature of delirium   – her   sustainability and   the fact that no third-party reasonable counterargument given ideas   give in

According to statistics, order   80% of people with schizophrenia? suffer from various kinds of delusions.

By   Crazy ideas can be different in their content. So, classified:

  • Delusion of relationship (observed most often). The person feels like the center of all the phenomena around him and   events: the actions of all, even completely unfamiliar and   randomly passing people expressing them   persons driving past cars and   other things.
  • Brad of pursuit when the patient is sure that certain people / people / organizations intend to cause him some damage, are watching or are already causing some harm (neighbors are poisoned by gas, relatives pour in   food poison   and   other).
  • Nonsense effects (mental or physical), when a person is convinced that his thoughts, actions, experiences are not connected with   his inner personal motives as well   are the result of the influence of some external force: witchcraft, hypnosis, cosmic rays.

Less common but   So   other types of nonsense can occur.

The productive symptoms of schizophrenia may increase gradually or appear suddenly. Regardless   the rate of unfolding of such an acute condition in schizophrenia, you must immediately apply for   medical care. Remember: a person with such manifestations of the disease is often not   able to ask about   aid because the picture of the world and   perception of his own state for him is very much distorted. Especially if this is the first attack, the manifestation of schizophrenia.

High-quality relief of such conditions is impossible outside the hospital. The sooner assistance is provided, the more favorable the further forecast will be.

Recommendations relatives the sick schizophrenia

what to do if a loved human schizophrenia

What should be the sequence of your actions if   whom   Something   of   do people close to you have schizophrenia? Talk to   an experienced doctor. Remember that timeframes play an important role and   in   largely determine the success of therapy. The most common treatment for schizophrenia is to start at   hospital, it should include   making an accurate diagnosis, since there are quite a few options for the manifestation of schizophrenia. It is desirable that the situation around the patient with schizophrenia should be calm (one or two local chambers), so that the doctor who assists should master modern methods of psychotherapy. It is unacceptable to provide the patient with schizophrenia to himself, to exclude that   activity that was interesting to him. Schizophrenic activity should be encouraged by qualified personnel who know not   only medicine but   and   psychology. AT   In some cases, it is important to strengthen the strength of the patient with schizophrenia, choosing a good nutrition for him, adequate physical therapy, massage , physiotherapy and   balneotherapy Around a schizophrenic patient should not be   only experienced doctors but   and   specially trained psychologists, social workers.

how to lead yourself with the sick schizophrenia

It is known that the course of schizophrenia is chronic, i.e. stretched in time. Despite the ongoing treatment (even with modern drugs), mental and behavioral disorders in schizophrenia are marked for a long time. Proper treatment of the patient by his close environment has a significant impact on the outcome of therapy.   Below is a list of some techniques available to everyone that facilitate rehabilitation .

Do not rush. The process of restoring health can be lengthy.

  • Keep calm. Excessive enthusiasm is normal, however, try to temper it. Dissent is also common. Try to take it easy.
  • Explain easier. Say what you want to say clearly, calmly and confidently.
  • Set limits. Everyone should know the rules. A few simple rules will help put everything in its place.
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions. It is necessary to take medications as he prescribed, and only those that he prescribed.
  • No drugs and alcoholic drinks to the patient.   schizophrenia! They aggravate the symptoms diseases .
  • Pay attention to all changes in well-being. If possible, write down and report them to the consulting physician.
  • Solve problems step by step. Make changes gradually. Work on one thing.
  • Let’s rest each other. Everyone needs a break. You are tired of something – it happens. Fine also sometimes to say “no.”
  • Do not think about what you can not change. Something needs to be left as it is. but not leave without attention manifestations cruelty .
  • Do all your business as usual. Restore the usual order of housework. Support connection with by their relatives and friends .
  • Temporarily lower your expectations. Use your own impressions, comparing the results of treatment (rehabilitation) of the current month with the previous one.


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