How to deal with post-holiday depression?

Holidays someday end, workdays come , and with them, high spirits are replaced by depression. What to do when the depression is prolonged? At the same time, it is time to get involved in the work process, and there are children, he or she, who also need to be given attention.   

You can not divide your own life into separate periods. Many people think that everyday life is a routine that needs to be overcome faster. Holidays are perceived as a short-term reward, which is given for long patience. The work process after the holidays feels like a personal tragedy. At the same time, insomnia begins to torment some, pressure surges occur in others, and gastrointestinal upset is observed in others.    

However, everyone has symptoms of depression. In order to prevent the negative development of the situation and the deterioration of the emotional state, it is necessary to stop dividing life into “before” and “after” holidays. It is important to remember that life is a continuous cycle, and every day you live will not return.     

Communication. After the holidays, you need to try not to be alone, alone with gloomy thoughts. The right decision is to communicate with friends and loved ones. They share their secret dreams, overcome difficulties together. After all, it is easier to overcome depression when there are understanding people nearby who you can trust, talk heart to heart. 

Walks in the open air. During an unhurried walk, the work of the heart muscle and vascular system improves, hormones of happiness are secreted. Therefore, it is very important to find at least 15-20 minutes for a short walk in the park area or city streets. You should not sit in the apartment and look longingly from the window at people who are doing something, rushing somewhere.  

Moreover, not so often you can see people who do not have a minute of free time for a walk. Most just too lazy to change something in the usual way of life. 

Down with reproaches and self-flagellation! If you didn’t manage to start a new life from Monday , do workouts or lose weight, you should not reproach yourself that the plans remained only on paper or in thoughts. Feeling guilty will only aggravate the situation. Therefore, we must take a feasible load and properly distribute our own capabilities. Otherwise, you will have to start working in a depressed state, not only morally, but also mentally.  

Often there is even physical exhaustion, which is a consequence of prolonged depression. If you do not stop in time, a psychological disorder may occur, which will require contacting a specialist.

Post-holiday depression can be cured, you just need to change your mindset. This will help meditation, special exercises for relaxation, the ability to rejoice and wonder at the pleasant little things that often occur in human life. Understand for yourself: a holiday can not be every weekday. And for the next holiday to be as bright, it will take time, which must be devoted not only to work, but also to your loved ones.   

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