How to deal with autumn depression?

Summer is over, it is getting colder, the first golden leaves begin to appear on birches, and marvelous lead clouds begin to appear in the sky , quickly gathering in blank cover clouds and starting a series of autumn rains. 

Autumn rains are a separate story that can be told endlessly. The first autumn rains are still similar to summer ones: they pretend to be showers, wash off dust and dirt from city greenery, release the sun into the sky (frolic at last) – in general, they brazenly deceive, making them believe that there is still an unused piece of summer.  

But then the clouds cease to disappear from the sky, the sky itself literally falls on the tops of the trees, and dull, prolonged rains begin, then drizzling, now intensifying almost to a downpour, then again reducing the intensity to a dull gray drizzle. The leaves begin to turn yellow under these rains, the grass turns brown, and soon the wipers will increase their work, and in the city courtyards it will draw a sweetish smell of burning leaves.

In short, it’s time for depression. She creeps around the corner, disguising herself as the streams of the first autumn rains, hiding in shortened days, suddenly attacking from the burning grass …

And so, before you look around, and nothing hurts you, and in general everything is in order in life, but you are sitting in a deaf depressed person to the ears. And it seems to you that the wind does not deliver at all the aroma of burning autumn leaves, but others, which smell like less refined, suggesting a public toilet.

Having reached this marvelous state, there are two ways to go:

  • huddle in a corner, curl up in a ball, climb under a blanket (maybe two) and viciously hiss at everyone who is trying to approach a distance of less than two to three meters;
  • fight against the vile autumn depression and defeat it, and let it rain, and the wipers fall autumn leaves in large heaps, but this also has its own charm, which can be considered by defeating depression.

To get out of depression, you first need to remember: you must not give in to the desire to hide in a corner and wait out bad times there. On the contrary – in the fall walks will have the most beneficial effect, especially if it is walks in a pleasant company. Of course, when it rains, you don’t especially take a walk, but in the end, why did the umbrellas invent? And then, you can always walk to a museum, theater, cafe.    

By the way, if you had a chance to go to the cafe and there you decided to end the walk, then remember: you do not need to drink anything alcoholic, this only exacerbates the depressive state. It is better to order a large portion of ice cream with chocolate, and if this joy is still decorated with some attractive fruit – it’s really great.  

Very good if you can change the direction of thoughts. Typically, with depression, everything causes, if not disgust, then boredom and depression. Well, the autumn rains are just champions for spoiling the mood. Nevertheless, they have their own charm. If you are not carried away by the idea of ​​mushrooms that are growing right now in large numbers in the nearest forest under this very rain, then you can think of the summer heat, so exhausting, exhausting, to headache, to dizziness, which is washed off by this rain.

And in general, have you ever noticed how beautiful a city is being watered by rain? Discreet, refined beauty, accessible only to true connoisseurs of beauty. But you are the very true connoisseur to whom this is available! 

A great helper in the fight against depression is sports. No need to exhaust yourself on sports equipment and simulators, a fairly lightweight option. For example, visit the pool. At the same time, you can brag about the wonderful summer tan. Well, if you do not have a tan, then you can boast of an aristocratic whiteness of the skin. Figure. New swimsuit. Fashionable swimming trunks. Swimming style, finally.

Women with depression are especially recommended to visit the hairdresser, as well as unobtrusive shopping.

It is advisable not only to consider beautiful things, but also to purchase something for yourself. And even better – if there ’s a use right away for the purchase (for example, go to visit your best friend and see how she enters into healthy envy).  

It is very important for depression to eat properly in the fall . The fact is that there are products that can help in the fight against this disease, and their use not only reduces the intensity of depression, but also improves overall health.   

Depression experts especially recommend the following foods for eating:

  • chocolate and cocoa;
  • green tea;
  • fish, shrimp;
  • sea ​​kale;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • bananas
  • oatmeal;
  • legumes;
  • poultry meat (optimally – chicken) and eggs; 
  • bright vegetables and fruits (red, orange – tomatoes, carrots, oranges and so on). 

So, starting the day with a pleasant walk and ending with a cup of cocoa with a little bite of chocolate, you can deal with any depression, including autumn. And before you have time to look around, the autumn slush will pass, replaced by pure white snow, and along with the slush will go into oblivion and depression, jammed with nuts and bananas, escorted by the shrimp crunch.

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