Getting out of depression: what you need to know?

Depression is a severe emotional state of a person, during which he loses the ability to enjoy life. Dealing with depressive thoughts alone is difficult and undesirable. Therefore, to do this, it is better to seek professional help from a psychologist or psychotherapist.

This work can be long and difficult, take a lot of time and “pull” out heavy emotions. Going through personal therapy and enlisting the support of a specialist, a person will be able to understand himself and the causes of his problems, begin to feel the vitality and desire for life. You should not try to cope with depression yourself – this can lead to a deterioration of the state of mind and health. You can work on yourself, subject to the passage of individual therapy from a psychologist. What you need to know and remember, trying to overcome a depressive state?

Depression – a reason to think about yourself

During stresses and experiences that can lead to depression, a person thinks less about himself. He suffers, he is sad and sad, he does not want to live, because something terrible, bad, terrible has happened in his life, something with which he cannot cope or does not want to accept. The most popular causes of exogenous depression are divorce and separation, death and illness of loved ones, difficult living conditions, unbearable   relations   in the family, the loss.

A serious emotional state of the human psyche can cause any events if they cause pain, upset, take away the strength and desire to live on.

Depressed dreams, unconfirmed expectations, disappointment in yourself and people, unjustified hopes, collapsed plans, waste of time and effort can cause depression. Man falls into it because he is not able to accept and experience an event from the outside world. As a result of the resulting stress, he concentrates only on what happened, without thinking at all about himself.

The situation is aggravated and   depression   begins to “flourish” when a person forgets that he has needs and feelings, that his life goes on and that he still has levers of influence on her. It is impossible to overcome it if the attention of the individual is constantly focused on the traumatic factor. Therefore, one of the ways to overcome it is to stop thinking about what happened and start listening to yourself. You can start with the questions: “How do I live?”, “What do I think about?”, “What am I doing (or not doing) every day?”, “How do I help myself improve my emotional state?”, “To help me wanted for yourself?”.

Suffering is not forever

When a person is ill, he is inclined to think that it will be like this all the time and henceforth from now on – this is one agony and anxiety. Trying to get out of depression, one should understand and accept the fact that there is nothing eternal and permanent and suffering in the world, even if they are very strong now, they will end one day. A person can bring this moment closer if he feels motivation and desire for another life – full, joyful, active, healthy.

The human psyche is changeable

When people are depressed, they tend to form a certain opinion about their personality. So a woman who does not have a relationship with the opposite sex can begin to think that being lonely and not needed by anyone is her fate, the “cross,” which she will have to bear all her life. Such thoughts do not bring joy, do not contribute   growth and change, on the contrary – they are immersed in a dark mood, which is deposited on the appearance and character.

A person, if he does not consider himself worthy of a good one, by his behavior and attitude to life demonstrates this to people with whom he contacts. Trying to get out of depression, you can not “put a cross on yourself,” thinking that someone else deserves happiness.

A person gets the opportunity to change relations with others – to get married after many unsuccessful attempts, to make true friends, to establish contact with parents – if he thinks about changes in his   psyche. The mental processes of the personality are changeable and plastic – all you have to do is start thinking and treating yourself and others around you in a different, new way.

Attitude towards life can be controlled

A clear sign of a depressive state is the decline of internal forces and unwillingness to do something to improve life. In this state, a person believes that nothing depends on him. This is not true. Being in a sound mind and a solid memory, there is always an opportunity to change oneself, one’s attitude to the world around and people, to learn to control thoughts and behavior. The habit of relying on yourself and taking control of your situation will help to change your life for the better.

Help from others may be helpful

Depression is often characterized by loneliness and unwillingness to communicate. Trying to help yourself cope with it, it is important to remember that support and communication with other people – colleagues, friends, relatives, loved ones – can contribute to a speedy mental recovery.Sincere love and support of others can become an example of how to relate to your personality – take care of yourself, experience, help.

Do not deny heavy feelings

Not to notice depression is to avoid what it carries with it. As a rule, these are tears, fatigue, strong emotional experiences, fears, anxieties, pain. In order to help yourself to go through painful emotions, you need to give up the habit of pretending that they are not there, to keep with the last strength, keeping a mask of fun and well-being on your face.

Living hard feelings means talking about your pain as much as you want, not hiding tears, screaming if there is a need for it. You should not do this on your own – best of all, if there is a psychologist next to you who can not only support but also find the right words to go through the painful stage.

“No” habit of being a victim

A person who is depressed is in danger of falling into the role of victim for a long time. This means that he can form such habits in behavior as: infinitely pity himself, envy the strength and well-being of others, complain, constantly admit his impotence, suffer from disorder or illness, but do nothing to change the situation. Unconsciously playing the role of a victim, a person gradually gets used to the fact that everyone regrets him and tries to help. At the same time, he loses the ability to manage his life independently and ceases to feel responsibility for his words and deeds.

Wanting to cope with depression, you need to once and for all refuse to play the role of victim. The first thing to do for this is to recognize the power and ability to control yourself and your life.

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