Get out of depression yourself

People react differently to the cruel blows of fate. Having survived a traumatic event, some are able to maintain an optimistic attitude towards life, while others are often depressed. The most effective way to get out of this depressed state is to contact a psychotherapist. But if professional help is not available, try to get out of depression yourself.

Causes of Depression – Irrational Ideas

Each person is individual. Some people react very emotionally to even the most ordinary events of their lives. To others, it seems, the notion of “depression” is completely unfamiliar; they are able to maintain emotional stability where, in the opinion of others, life ends, losing any meaning.Psychologists have established that the susceptibility of a person to depression is largely determined by the type of nervous system and the characteristics of education.

It is believed that women are more susceptible to the development of depression than men.

It is noticed that those who are prone to depression have common features of thinking. One of them is the tendency to form irrational beliefs. We are talking about not quite realistic ideas that a person considers the only true and correctly reflecting reality and life in general. Sometimes irrational beliefs are realized by man, but more often he does not realize that such ideas dominate him throughout his life.

The first step to getting out of depression is to become aware of your irrational beliefs.

A woman who finds herself in a strip of depression will have to make some efforts to realize the erroneous ideas and replace them with more reasonable ones. Such a process can take several weeks or even months. But if this inner work is carried out successfully, you will be able to radically change your whole life.

How to get out of depression: working with irrational beliefs

Most of the irrational ideas associated with the assessment of his personality or relationships with other people. People who are prone to depressive reactions may, for example, take the view that they should not be angry with others and show their irritation in people. This belief is usually formed in childhood through the influence of strict parents or other significant people.

There is only one step from such an idea until a depressed state arises.

To get out of depression, in this case, you need to take for granted the fact that the manifestation of your true feelings is reasonable and even contributes to the development of relationships.

For some women, one of the irrational beliefs, often anticipating depression, is that you cannot talk about your desires. Those who express their desires out loud, they unconsciously refer to the egoists, transferring this opinion to themselves. Try to remember how often you have heard from your parents and educators that the wishes of other people are more important than yours. Perhaps this is why you have lost the true sense of your own worth.

The described belief often strongly influences how a woman builds relationships with her partner. The difficulty here lies in the fact that the diminution of its role in the relationship day by day forms a steady state of resentment, turning into a pronounced depression. Get out of depression yourself   in this case, work on improving self-esteem and developing self-esteem will help.

These are just some of the ideas that tend to separate those who have a tendency to be depressed.

Remember that external events that trigger the mechanism of the formation of the oppressed state can be very different: the illness of a loved one, rupture of friendships, betrayal of a husband or divorce.

But the psychological basis of the depression following such events, as a rule, are precisely irrational beliefs. Even a simple awareness of them will help you get out of depression on your own.

Effective self-help ways out of depression

It is noticed that those who have inadequately lowered self-esteem, more easily go into a depressed state and more slowly get out of depression. That is why psychologists recommend working to increase self-confidence. Your task is to relax, to feel the value of your personality. It always improves mood and relieves the symptoms of depression.

Start getting out of depression with your thoughts in order. The best way is to start a personal diary. After each day, write events into it, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you. Reflect in the records of what caught your attention, what made you experience strong emotions.

Share your diary impressions of the books you have read and the movies you have watched. At the same time try to focus on pleasant experiences.

Daily make a list of upcoming cases. As the activities from this list cross out. This will give you the opportunity to regularly track your achievements. At the same time, one should not show excessive severity. It is important to feel that your life is filled with a variety of events and actions that you can successfully cope with.

Physical activity is very effective in self-control of depression. Morning jogging or fitness classes contribute to the development of so-called “hormones of happiness” – endorphins, which help relieve the symptoms of a depressed state. In addition, in sports, you will constantly improve their self-esteem.

And finally, the most general recommendation. Virtually any kind of creativity helps to get out of stress and depression. This may be cooking, composing compositions from indoor plants and flowers, handicrafts, musical exercises, writing poems and much more. In the process of engaging in creativity, you are distracted from unpleasant experiences, use your emotions and imagination. A little creativity every day – and there will be no trace of a depressed state.

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