Depression will be diagnosed by blood test results

If earlier psychiatrists diagnosed depression only on the basis of the patient’s story and history, now it is now possible to determine the level of depression using a blood test. Moreover, with the help of such an analysis, it is possible not only to establish the presence of depression, but also to determine its severity. 

A blood test works on the basis of measuring the concentration of phosphoric acid in the blood, and the content of ethanolamine phosphate in it.

A little earlier, experts found a relationship between the concentration of phosphoric acid and the presence of depression in humans.

People with depression had lower blood ethanolamine levels, less than healthy individuals.

Even when conducting only the first stage of the test, it was found that a blood test for depression gives a very accurate result, and the procedure itself takes only a couple of minutes. 

Earlier attempts to diagnose depression using blood tests were based on a study of leukocytes of the DNA chain. But such tests were not accurate.

The introduction of a new method for the diagnosis of depression makes it possible to reliably make the specified diagnosis. In this case, the procedure is performed quickly, which allows not to start the patient’s condition.

According to the developers of the new method, doctors will be able to use the novelty about a couple of years after all clinical trials and tests are completed.

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