7 strategies to completely defeat depression

 Combating depression can be effective in 90 percent of cases. Psychotherapy usually acts as the basis of treatment; the doctor prescribes other methods of treatment as necessary.

1. Psychotherapy.

No scientist has proven that depression is completely a brain disease divorced from the patient’s life. In any person, the disease is rooted in unresolved emotional conflicts from the past. A good psychotherapist will be an invaluable resource in the fight against the disease.

2. Medicines.

Psychotherapy and medications work together more powerfully than individually. Medicines today can save lives. However, a knowledgeable psychopharmacologist should prescribe them. It is better if it will be the same doctor who carries out psychotherapy.

3. Repeated transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Magnetic impulse treatment of certain parts of the brain is a very powerful treatment for depression. Many patients who do not respond to medication will respond to TMS.

4. Ketamine infusions.

Providing patients with ketamine only twice a week for 45 minutes is a very powerful way to quickly treat depression. This procedure works especially well for those who do not benefit from medication.

5. Therapy in bright light.

Exposure to waves that mimic sunlight (without ultraviolet rays) can significantly reduce symptoms of depression.

6. Vitamins and supplements.

Anyone who is depressed and has no contraindications to taking magnesium, vitamin D, and fish oil should consider this option. However, before adding any supplement to the diet, you need to consult a doctor.

7. Electroshock therapy.

ECT has come a long way. Now it is painless, well tolerated and leaves most people without significant memory deficits.

If your doctor does not use a comprehensive strategy to treat depression, it is best to get rid of him or her.

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